GREENWALL is the ideal product for managing river and marine works thanks it’s flexibility and long service life.

Currently, the majority of embankments, bulkheads and water controlling structures are made of steel, concrete or wood. These traditional products are expensive and require continuous maintenance.

Concrete can crack, exposing steel reinforcement to the risk of rust. Moreover, it is rarely installed at the correct depth. Steel rusts and requires continuous maintenance. If wood is chemically treated, there is the risk of release of the chemical treatment into the water supply. In addition, wood needs to be constantly maintained to limit damage from UV rays and brackish water.

Possible Solutions

GREENWALL products are extremely versatile and can be used in various applications.

Discover the solutions

Maritime and river applications

  • Bank protection
  • Embankment consolidation
  • Protective and hydraulic engineering works
  • Construction of detention basins
  • Coastal defences
  • River bed consolidation
  • Embankment partitioning
  • Erosion control bulkheads
  • Building of irrigation channels

Prevention of hydrogeological instability

  • Barriers against flooding
  • Erosion control protection
  • River bed protection
  • Securing embankments
  • Hydraulic barriers against infiltration
  • Soil conservation works

Environmental reclamation

  • Reclamation of polluted sites
  • Enclosure of polluted areas
  • Containment of underground polluted water
  • Reclamation of ground and foundations

Application in construction and urban areas

  • Creation of Support Walls
  • Building and Securing Natural and Artificial Reservoirs
  • Constructing Docks and Landing Stages
  • Securing Excavations and Landslides
  • Containment Enclosures and Walls
  • Creation of Green Spaces
  • Artificial Lakes at Golf Courses

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