Sheet Piles Ultra Sealing

GreenWall Ultra Sealing

Thanks to the continuous implementation of the product  research & development , GreenWall designed  an innovative system called  Ultra Sealing, which with the help of a special gasket placed inside the interlock ,  GreenWall sheet piles obtained  important waterproofing parameters (without sealant or bentonite) .

Innovative Ultra Sealing system grant GreenWall PVC sheet pile an excellent permeability value , i.e. 8.803 E-12  permeability with a constant pressure tightness about 2.1 Bar .

Thanks to this results , GreenWall Vinyl Sheet piles can be used for remediation of polluted sites, landfills of urban waste, chemical Containment , levee seepage Barrier , Groundwater Cut-off , waterproofing barrier, expansion tanks

Permeability certificate Greenwall Ultra-Sealing

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